The Restore Our Republic Resolution

to propose a U.S. Constitutional Amendment on Campaign Finance
Elected Official and Candidate Pledge

The framers of the U.S. Constitution intended for the Congress of the United States of America to be "dependent on the people alone,” but this core American principle has been corrupted. Instead, Congress now depends on powerful special interests and wealthy benefactors to get elected, which has created a fundamental imbalance in our representative form of government.

While money will always have a role in our elections, the unprecedented influence it currently has over the political process, often with little or no transparency, is drowning out the voices of average Americans.

We must do everything in our power to solve this problem so our children do not have to deal with the consequences. A U.S. Constitutional Amendment is the only solution that goes above Congress and the Supreme Court to restore the integrity of our elections, and will protect both state and federal reform. We must restore our democratic republic.

The majority of U.S. Constitutional Amendments came about when the American people used every tool of democracy available: state-level reform, petitions, ballot referendums, resolutions urging Congress to propose an amendment, and applying for an Article V Convention to address a specific issue.

Using history as our guide, we must pursue all paths to achieve a much-needed U.S. Constitutional Amendment, so our elections will be free from the disproportional influence of special interests and fair enough that every citizen can meaningfully participate in our election - both as a voter or a candidate. It is our responsibility to act with the urgency this issue demands. Together, we will ensure a truly representative government for future generations.

I support a U.S. Constitutional Amendment to ensure a truly representative government that is responsive to the will of the people. I pledge to vote as an elected official in favor of and support a Texas Joint-Resolution applying for a limited Article V Convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to fix our broken campaign finance system.

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