• Lauren Fields

How To: Take Action Today

Concentrating on your state representatives is your best access point for getting money out of national elections. These state representatives are part of your local community: they’re not in Washington, they’re in your neighborhood, and sometimes right down the street. Here's how to join the cause and reach out to potential allies:

Sign Up

If you haven’t already, sign up and login to Wolf-PAC Texas.

Locate Your Representatives

Here’s where to find your personal Texas legislators and representatives.

Use Wolf-PAC Resources

Once you login to Wolf-PAC Texas, there’s an Action Guide to give you all the information you need—scripts, tips, and suggestions. As a constituent, with as little as five minutes of your time, you can:

Be sure to log all the contact you make so we can see who takes our calls, and how much progress we’re making. This is a team effort, and you can contribute your help today.

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