• Lauren Fields

How To: Volunteer, Contribute, Meet-Up

Last week we talked about what you could do to get money out of politics with just 5-10 minutes of your time, but here’s what you can do if you have more resources to pitch in:


There are many ways to volunteer from the comfort of home. From making calls, contacting campaigns and legislators, creating content for reaching your fellow citizens, or even taking charge and organizing others.

Can you talk, can you write, organize a spreadsheet, post a link? If yes, you can join the fight in a tangible way without going a step out of your normal orbit, it’s just a matter of how much time and effort you can spare for democracy.

Sign-up, join in, and choose how you want to volunteer on Wolf-PAC Texas’ Action Guide.


If you don’t have the time, but still have resources and want to contribute, you can donate to this nationwide effort.

Literally put in your 2¢ (or 25$ or 50$ or 100$), and know that you’ve chipped in to fight the good fight to make our political representatives represent us, and not their corporate donors.


If you’re unintimidated by meeting legislators face-to-face, you can schedule a meeting with their offices and report back on their stances. From a casual, friendly drop-in to introduce yourself, to a pitch-meeting to get them onboard for this important cause. Ask questions, bring information, and log what you learn with Wolf-PAC Texas' Action Guide.

Alternatively, you could plan or host a meet-up of fellow volunteers. Making friends, building networks, and combining efforts with your neighbors reminds us all that we’re not as divided as the media presents: we all want our politicians to represent our needs and values. No experience needed, just your own social skills and a sense of purpose.

No contribution is too small—bring your unique skill set to the fight!

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