• Lauren Fields

Money Matters: The Toll of Campaign Fundraising

Wolf-PAC’s aim is to get the corrupting influence of monied interests out of politics. This is not only a vital matter for every American who wants their vote to count, it’s important for our politicians too.

Rather than dedicating their time to the job they were elected to do, members of Congress spend hours on the phone every week fundraising. A CBS news report from 2016 goes as far as to say our legislators are becoming telemarketers. It also spoke of Florida Republican David Jolly’s bill, the "Stop Act," which would ban federal-elected officials from directly soliciting donations. Jolly described the congressional call center bleakly: “It is a cult-like boiler room on Capitol Hill where sitting members of Congress, frankly I believe, are compromising the dignity of the office they hold by sitting in these sweatshop phone booths calling people asking them for money.”

Congressional fundraising was also a topic investigated by John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, in a segment that showed former New York Democratic congressman Steve Israel's opinion of campaign fundraising: “It is, in my view, a form of torture, and the real victims of this torture have become the American people because they believe they don’t have a voice in this system.” Oliver summed up the stalemate between Republicans and Democrats succinctly: “While both sides agree they hate this, neither wants to unilaterally back down first.”

Legislators at the national level are trapped in the same corrupt system that their constituents so distrust them for excelling in. Congressional job approval in Americans hasn't risen above 30% since 2010, but there is a way to free everyone involved in our democracy from the burden of begging for money: work with your state and local legislators, unite with your neighbors to form a convention of states, and force corrupt money out of our elections.

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